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It all starts with the design process – initial discussion to define a project brief – that is the objectives to be achieved but within the inevitable constraints of space and budget.

This is followed through with a detailed design presented on an interactive design system, giving you a walk through view of the spaces – which enables you to visualise the new space, and maintains a running guide to the cost.

We have a wide range of styles, materials and equipment all of which are combined and tailored to suit your budget.

This then continues with a time plan of the development of the project – where our practical skills come into play – ranging from our removal team moving in to clear the space, our experienced carpenters who start the reconstruction, qualified electricians, flooring specialist, qualified tiller, and our decorator, all fully trained and working together to ensure the minimum of disruption to the rest of your lives, through what is inevitably quite an upheaval.

All of these processes managed by Steve to achieve a seamless completion of the work, and finally finishes with your dream space ready for use.

Extra Space and Desks

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